Makwa Boys High School - School Buses

Makwa Boys High School – School Buses

Fixed Assets

At Makwa Boys High School, we have more than enough fixed assets to accommodate all the academic and co-curricular activities that are carried out by students as well as facilities needed by the staff. We have ample classrooms and halls to accommodate all student related activities. We also have ample staff offices for use by the teaching and non-teaching staff as well as the management. We also provide living quarters for members of staff that live in the school. We also have fields, courts and pitches for use in sports.

Movable Assets

We have invested in movable assets that make the environment for learning by the students, teaching by the teaching staff and activities carried out by the non-teaching staff as conducive as possible. We have invested in a generator to avoid interruption of activities in case of loss of power from the national grid, we have invested in lab equipment and computers for students, we have also invested in buses for transportation of students and staff.