School Management

Seamless and effective administration of Makwa Boys High School is achieved due to the close and consultative mode of management observed by the Principal, other members of management staff in the school and student leaders on one side and the Board of Management on the other. Every decision made by the administration is done according to the laid down rules governing the school in conformity with the law set out by the National Government to guide management of learning institutions in Kenya.

Academic Management

Our School Principal extends the same leadership applied in school administration to academic management in the school. Consultation with the Deputy Principal departmental heads and all teachers at large and students is one of the key pillars of academic management used in our School. This allows challenges and emerging issues to be dealt with uniquely depending on the peculiarities of each issue. Once a particular decision has been arrived at, it is strictly enforced, all these processes are observed to ensure that all students derive maximum academic benefits from their stay at Makwa Boys High School