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About us

We are a boys only boarding school located in Gatukuyu, Mang’u area a few kilometers from Thika town In Kiambu County. In Makwa Boys High School, our students are the focal point of all our activities and programs which are aimed at ensuring that each student will be nurtured and stimulated to develop the confidence, habits and culture needed to mature to their full potential.

We make sure that time spent in school by our students provides an appropriate learning environment to encourage them to explore, experience, question, and solve, while under the guidance of experienced and dedicated staff. We do our best to develop and expand their strengths in both academic and extracurricular activities with an aim of equipping them with the tools needed to go forth and make it in life after they complete school.

Our mission

To nurture and enable students to discover their talents and mould them intellectually, morally, socially and spiritually using the available resources effectively in line with the national goals of education.

Our vision

To be the leading school of choice offers wholesome education that equips learners with knowledge and skills enabling them to favorably compete for higher learning and life opportunities.

Our core values

  1. Respect – Giving due respect to others in our daily interactions therefore enhancing teamwork.
  2. Teamwork – Joint genuine participation of all stakeholders in the education process for the best academic results.
  3. Excellence – Commitment to ensuring academic excellence for all students.
  4. Integrity – To act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth.
  5. Accountability – Taking responsibility of our actions.
  6. Discipline – To observe high levels of good conduct.