Our school's front area. Our reception area. Students studying in our library. We support co-curricular activities. We have enough facilities for the students and staff.


Makwa Boys High School Motto – Education Liberates!


Studying in class

We do our best to create an environment in class that encourages interaction between students and teachers and among the students themselves. This complements what the students have read in books.


Studying in the library

We have a fully equipped library that students use freely to read on topics of their choice. We also have a study room right next to the library to give students as much space as they’d require to carry out their reading tasks.


Studying in the laboratories

Studying in the laboratories gives the students a practical perspective of their lessons. Our laboratories are equipped to enable students to put into practice what they learn especially in the sciences.


Sports Clubs

At Makwa Boys High School, we put a lot of premium on sports because we know of it’s positive impact on students’ physical growth in school and career growth outside school. Because of that we extend all necessary support to our sports clubs.

Academic Clubs

Academic clubs complement the traditional mode of education in a big way. This is because they are largely managed by students. They educational events carried out by the clubs bring out creativity and the competitive spirit of students. Because of that, the school administration puts in a lot of effort to nurture them.

Religious Clubs

Spiritual growth is core to bringing up a holistically healthy person. Because of that, the school encourages and supports the development of religious clubs  in Makwa Boys High School.

Viewing our location on the linear map

The location of our school is indicated on the map with a marker and our name. To access an expended or contracted view of the map, you can use the plus (+) and minus (-) signs at the bottom right corner of the map.

Viewing our location on the satellite map

To access a satellite of the map that shows the map as a colored picture indicating our location, click on the square Google Earth icon on the bottom left corner of the map.

Getting directions to our school

To get accurate directions to our school, make sure your phone has internet and gprs activated. Then click on “View larger map” on the top left corner of the map. On the new map that opens, click on “Directions” on the top left corner, then enter your current location and follow the directions given by the map, you’ll be guided directly to our school.


Admission Requirements

For a student to qualify to be admitted at Makwa Boys High School, he is supposed to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Contact the school for the latest requirements

Admission Procedure

When a student has been selected to Join Makwa Boys High School,he is supposed to follow the following short and simple procedure to join our school community:

  • Contact the school for the current procedure.

Fixed Assets

At Makwa Boys High School, we have more than enough fixed assets to accommodate all the academic and co-curricular activities that are carried out by students as well as facilities needed by the staff. We have ample classrooms and halls to accommodate all student-related activities. We also have ample staff offices for use by the teaching and non-teaching staff as well as the management. We also provide living quarters for members of staff that live in the school. We also have fields, courts, and pitches for use in sports.

Movable Assets

We have invested in movable assets that make the environment for learning by the students, teaching by the teaching staff, and activities carried out by the non-teaching staff as conducive as possible. We have invested in a generator to avoid interruption of activities in case of loss of power from the national grid, we have invested in lab equipment and computers for students, we have also invested in buses for transportation of students and staff.


School Management

Seamless and effective administration of Makwa Boys High School is achieved due to the close and consultative mode of management observed by the Principal, other members of management staff in the school, and student leaders on one side and the Board of Management on the other. Every decision made by the administration is done according to the laid down rules governing the school in conformity with the law set out by the National Government to guide the management of learning institutions in Kenya.

Academic Management

Our School Principal extends the same leadership applied in school administration to academic management in the school. Consultation with the Deputy Principal departmental heads and all teachers at large and students is one of the key pillars of academic management used in our School. This allows challenges and emerging issues to be dealt with uniquely depending on the peculiarities of each issue. Once a particular decision has been arrived at, it is strictly enforced, all these processes are observed to ensure that all students derive maximum academic benefits from their stay at Makwa Boys High School.

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